Holiday Shopping

I have a shop!!!!!  And it is SUBLIME!!! My Redbubble Shop is full of gorgeous items.  There are pillows, pouches, totes, mugs, shirts, skirts, leggings, iPad cases, iPhone covers, prints, cards, YOU NAME IT— IT’S IN THERE!!!  All purchases go towards my healing and towards living my life’s […]


Interview with ArtLifting

Interview with ArtLifting: Artlifting: When did you start making art? Elizabeth: I came out of the womb making art. I started off collecting all kinds of little found objects and putting them together in tiny sculptures. ArtLifting: Why do you make art? Elizabeth: I make art because I […]


You Are Lovely

You Are Lovely. Not only that, but you are smart and beautiful. You don’t believe me? Well, I understand. I spent half of my life believing that I was stupid. Here is the story of how I reconciled that belief and began to fully accept and love myself. […]


My You Caring Fundraiser

Click here to Donate to my Fundraiser Beth’s soul is full of colour. It spills out of her, onto canvas, like diamond drops of raw courage and beauty. She creates worlds. With her paintbrush she makes doorways that lead from what is, into what might be.   The thing I know […]

Penelope Pilot

Scream of Consciousness

Permission to Unfurl Your Fury The process of stream of consciousness writing is usually done simply with an openness to write whatever is happening in your head. Here, I add the extra permission to feel and free your anger. If you’ve been unwell for some time, there is […]

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Elyse is Love

Hello my lovely dears! I think its time to post the product of my birthday raffle. The winner, Scott Stevens, was so amazing and decided to gift his winning to a few beautiful and very deserving people who have shown exceptional bravery and strength in the face of […]

Revista Clubes Review

Revista Clubes Review

I have been extremely honored by this review written by my friend Paulina Teran in Revista Clubes. July issue. Number 105. Page 7. Ecuador Paralyzing images In a world in which the same art is at risk of trializing itself and where the ego rules a lot of […]


Red Shoe Day

I have painted this painting in honor of a beautiful woman, Theda Myint, who lost her life to severe Lyme disease a year ago on July 25th, 2013. This date is now called “Red Shoe Day” in honor of Theda’s spirit, passion for dancing and joyful celebration and […]