The Song of My Heart

on the dock

In the twilight, with a breeze that turns the rustling of leaves to chords and notes, a pulsing energy transmutes the song of the trees to a language that I understand. “Hush” and silence beckons me. I walk, light footed to the edge of a cliff and look out over the ocean.

I leap. I dive. I land in the glassy water and sink all the way down to the darkest deepest depths. Then I float to the surface and stay buoyant there, gently rocking with the sea and looking up at the rosewood sky. I dream of all the soft warm places inside the hearts of my friends.

I am sick. I am so sick that I haven’t left my bedroom in 8 years. I see four white walls every day and they are my home. However, my heart is in the jungle. It’s in the mountains, the rivers, the sky, and the ocean. It’s in all of the places that my feet long to go. And I am wild.

My feet haven’t seen shoes in eight years. They are soft and cold from disuse.

However, I run in my dreams! Fast and steady and strong and light and free.

When I paint I can go anywhere with my strong, steady feet. I am the love that transmutes all pain. I am the hope of healing and the courage to meet each day with that hope as the medallion around my neck.

I can take you with me too. We can go anywhere with my brush and my palette. There are no boundaries- only freedom. And the space that separates us all is folded infinitely into eternity as we become one. Sitting at the edge of the dock, at the edge of the world, I look out at the peace that keeps us all safe and warm.

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