TAOLKs are part of the core foundation of the Love Warrior Mission:

TAOLK’s (Targeted Acts of Loving Kindness.)  You are encouraged to practice all of them weekly.

  1. Self love act that requires bravery to face a fear.
  2. Close personal relationship act that also requires bravery to face a fear.
  3. An act of kindness toward someone that you don’t know personally that requires bravery to face a fear.
  4. An act of love that grounds and connects you with the earth.

(TAOLK 1) Loving ourselves is the one of the greatest acts of bravery we can commit because it allows us to live truthful lives, and to love other people more deeply. Despite the arduousness of Beth’s illness, her capacity for honesty with herself means she can love others in an extraordinary way.

As part of your own quest, she calls upon you to love yourself enough to face something you are afraid of. There are things she is afraid of too and contributing to her ability to face those fears is a powerful calling for anyone who knows her. We all have the capacity to help each other face the most dark and difficult parts of our existence. To help each other find the light of the sleeping stars. If you can see yourself clearly, and love your flaws as well as your virtues, you will begin to see how beautiful you are. That capacity to see beauty in imperfection is the secret to cherishing other people.

Please pick an act of self love that requires bravery. Whether that is respecting your own boundaries more, speaking out against something that feels wrong to you, letting yourself do something that calls to you or something else entirely. Do this act, and tell us about it.

(TAOLK 2) This second TAOLK follows on from the first, in that it also requires bravery and kindness to yourself.

If you had to spend a day speaking only white hot truth, how differently would you interact with some of the people who matter in your life?

What words, bold or lovely, would you be able to finally let yourself say?

One of the greatest gifts Beth offers to us are her white hot truths. The ones that sing into the space they’re left in, and make you realise something important either about yourself or this world. In order for people to really know you, it is important to be able to sometimes say exactly what it is you need to. Rather than hiding yourself away like a secret. There are also actions we don’t let ourselves do, that could either empower us or tell someone else where it is we stand.

Commit an act of bravery in a close relationship. Allow yourself the absolute honesty to say or do something that feels right to you.

A lot of what makes Beth’s life so precious and so worth fighting for is her desire to live like this, and to invite us to do the same.

(TAOLK 3) The kindness of strangers is a powerfully important thing. It can make us feel less alone to receive that kindness and giving it can make us understand just how much of an impact we have on everyone we encounter.

Beth’s impact is a glorious wave of love and that wave is one that each of us can ride in order to reach someone else. While the idea of a Love Wave is about saving her life it is also a reminder that love is like a tide. We give it out and it comes rolling back in. When it comes back in, we want to give it back out again and so on, until the whole sea surrounding us is only love.

Your third Taolk is to be kind to a stranger, and to face a fear and be brave in order to do so. To use your imagination to guide your tide.

(TAOLK 4) Love is almost a physical thing. It expands and it grows and the more it does this, the more it can do this. No one ever ran out of room in their heart for love.

This Earth deserves our love as well. For its constantness and its beauty. For its strength and its fragility, and mainly for its life. Like all life, it has its own glory.

Beth has been kept from nature far too often for far too long. She is a tree, uprooted and made to be in bed instead of nestled safe in the rich, dark soil. Her art is an expression of the connection she feels with nature. So much of what she paints is about the magic of this universe. It is an invitation for us to become part of everything again. Recognising we need to maintain our connection with nature is an important step. In a busy world, disconnecting is easy and often inevitable.

We need to keep helping her to get well, so she can plant her roots again. We also need to plant our own.

Your fourth taolk is an act of love that will ground and connect you with the earth. Do something beautiful that reminds the grass and the sky who you are.

(TAOLKS by Elizabeth D’Angelo.  TAOLK description by Sarah-Louise Feather Jordan.)

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  1. You are pure love and I am humbled. Having ME for over 20 years I’m bed/house bound for the last 3. Seeing your art has touched my heart, spirit and very soul. I will practice TAOLKS and hopefully one day we will meet in this life or the next. I will it. And so it is. Blessings to you Elizabeth D’Angelo.

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