Art on a MISSION

I can’t travel right now, but my art can!

The Phoenix Soul: Sacred Voice

Feature going live on October 15th!

“The Phoenix Soul is a fiercely indie digital publication, dedicated to your tender truths.”

The Phoenix Soul




CERCLE is a story of sex, drugs and addiction, written by Pierre A. Rivard and co-written by the late Paige Thomas, who died of a heroin overdose before the film’s release.

CERCLE is a mosaic of non-fiction, a tale of enslavement and redemption and a portrayal of personal hell shared by two individuals from two divergent worlds.

Historic Village East Cinema in New York City

CERCLE premieres on Saturday evening, October 27th at the historic Laemmle Royal Theatre in LA and has been scheduled to be screened at the historical Village East Cinema in New York City on Saturday, November 3rd.


Sweetwater Picture Framing in Gainesville, Florida

Currently on Display

Sweetwater 1Sweetwater 2

Mindfest October 6, 2018, Deland Florida

Mindfest 1

MindFest was an event designed to educate our community about mental health: how to maintain good mental health throughout the life span, how to reduce stress, how to recognize when help is needed, how to find help in times of difficulty, and how to make the most of life.

Mindfest little boy 1

Here is a link to the Art Therapy Exercise that was exhibited at Mindfest along side of my artwork.


Would you like to include my artwork in your heartfelt project?  If so, drop me a line!


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