I am in love with you.


I am in love with you. Every single one of you. Even you and your messy self. You and your broken self. You and your lost self.

You and your fat self, your wrinkly self, your bald self. You and your confused self. You and your tired self.

You and your forgetful self. You and your rigid self, your unworthy self. Your ugly self. Your sad self. Your broke self. Your parched self.

I am in love with you.

I am a seed that I am planting inside of you. In your belly, in your throat, in your feet, in your nose.

A seed that will grow today into a sprout, (until you look like a chia pet.)

These sprouts are tiny miracles that we will grow together, in every move you make today, in every decision. Every morsel of time will be imbued with this love. Love for yourself and love for the things and people around you. Your sprouts will become a garden.

Your garden will have the capacity to feed. It will be rich. It will be pure. It will be soul nourishing. It will be holy.

I am in love with you.

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