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Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in a commissioned painting!  Below you will find examples of some of the work that I have made for past clients.  Please visit my Commissions FAQ’s for more information about the process of working with me. Thank you so much! Elizabeth D’Angelo […]

Art on a MISSION

I can’t travel right now, but my art can! ♥ The Phoenix Soul: Sacred Voice Feature  I am excited to announce that I am being featured in the newest release of a wonderful digital magazine called The Phoenix Soul. Amanda Fall, creator, editor, publisher and gatherer of good, […]

Commission FAQ’s

Heartfelt images created just for you!   Hi there!  Welcome to my Commission FAQ’s.  I am honored to meet your creative ideas in this way.  I hope that this document serves to answer some of your most important questions about the process of working with me in the […]

I am Ebb and Flow

I have lived in a strong, beautiful, healthy body that has been photographed, studied, drawn, sculpted and appreciated. It has made art, made love, made excellent grades, danced in front of thousands of people, sang in front of thousands of people, directed thousands of people, walked, hiked, skied, […]

Cultivating Hope

This is me, healed This is me, free This is my body, unchained and un-seamed —Yet that is only the part that you see… That’s nothing more than one Miracle piece… The battle, it rages It screams and it fights To get my mind thinking that “this is […]