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Visible Heroes Award

I have won an award! Weeeeee!!!!!! The truth is that lately, I have felt like I’ve been trying to fit into my own shoes; like my feet grew tiny somehow and my shoes are that of Big Bird’s. I know that underneath the hours spent everyday just simply […]

My Redbubble Shop

I have a shop!!!!!  And it is SUBLIME!!! My Redbubble Shop is full of gorgeous items.  There are pillows, pouches, totes, mugs, shirts, skirts, leggings, iPad cases, iPhone covers, prints, cards, YOU NAME IT— IT’S IN THERE!!!  All purchases go towards my healing and towards living my life’s […]


I feel passionately that I was put on this planet to spread love in as far reaching of a way as I can envision.  In service of this, LOVE WARRIORS was formed.  It is my calling to unite people, to share, and to grow together towards a unified […]


The Love Tsunami was a fundraiser that I plan to hold annually in November and December to help raise funds towards my healing. The LOVE TSUNAMI What have you been up to Beth? Oh, you know me… Just laying in bed being severely ill and staring at the […]


TAOLKs are part of the core foundation of the Love Warrior Mission: TAOLK’s (Targeted Acts of Loving Kindness.)  You are encouraged to practice all of them weekly. Self love act that requires bravery to face a fear. Close personal relationship act that also requires bravery to face a […]

Interview with ArtLifting

Interview with ArtLifting: Artlifting: When did you start making art? Elizabeth: I came out of the womb making art. I started off collecting all kinds of little found objects and putting them together in tiny sculptures. ArtLifting: Why do you make art? Elizabeth: I make art because I […]

You Are Lovely

You Are Lovely. . Not only that, but you are beautiful, capable, intelligent, and wise. . . You don’t believe me? Well, I understand. I spent half of my life believing that I was stupid. Here is the story of how I reconciled that belief and began to […]