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Heartfelt images created just for you!  

flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1 (1)

by Elizabeth D’Angelo Mixed media commission on claybord, 2018

Hi there!  Welcome to my Commission FAQ’s.  I am honored to meet your creative ideas in this way.  I hope that this document serves to answer some of your most important questions about the process of working with me in the creation of a commissioned painting.  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via Facebook messenger or by email at

Once you are ready to begin this process, please follow the following link to a form that will help me to gather information related your commission:

I am excited to embark on this adventure with you!

In the passionate pursuit of awesome things,

Elizabeth D’Angelo


Subject Matter

I especially love to paint people, animals, nature, the night sky, a wide open road, lovely things that portray a feeling a freedom.  However, even more than my love for painting what suits me, is my passion for connection and inspiration. My highest motivation comes from knowing that I am helping you to fulfill a purpose that is important to you.

Therapeutic paintings with symbolism that ignites your soul, gifts for loved ones for special occasions, memorial paintings of lost loved ones, paintings that help you to illustrate concepts for your writing, teaching, classes or workshop offerings.  These are all things that excite me.  

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Color Choices

I am passionate about color and can effectively utilize many different combinations to suit your needs and interests.  I typically paint in bold colors, but can also work in more muted palettes or even in monochromatic color schemes, or black and white.  



I am currently doing most paintings and commissions in acrylic on claybord panel.  I also sometimes incorporate fabric, watercolor pencil and markers in my designs.

I have utilized and experimented with an extensive list of mediums, but have settled into the above tools because of low medium toxicity when working in my bedroom.  


I have a style that is very much my own, but I am flexible and can paint in a variety of styles.  I can paint the gamut from photorealism to total abstraction. I can also mimic other artists’ styles if that suits your fancy.  If there is a style that you’d like to pursue, please collect examples of imagery that depicts this style and send them to me. I will let you know if I can do it!   



I prefer to paint on a surface called a “claybord” because it has a beautiful smooth surface that responds well to the mediums that I use.  I typically paint on uncradled (flat) claybords because they are light, inexpensive to ship and easy to store. I keep flat claybords in stock.  If you would like a cradled claybord at any of the following thicknesses, I will need to order it before I can begin your commission.



Source Imagery

Commissioned paintings require high quality source imagery to work from.  There are four ways we can go about this:

1) You take high quality photos of the subject matter:

  • Please make sure that the image is clear (not blurry) and in good even lighting.  You can do this by taking photographs of the subject outside, in the shade, during the day.  
  • To ensure the quality of your painting, I will not be painting from blurry imagery (unless your goal is to have a blurry painting).
  • Please take photographs close enough to the subject so that I am able to see details, but also far enough away so that I can see the entire form that I will be painting.

2) I use pictures you already have:

  • If you already know which photos you would like for me to use, you can send these to me via Facebook Messenger or via email at

3) We work together to search out images for me to use as sources:

  • I can search through your images in places like your Facebook photos or your Pinterest Boards for appropriate imagery.
  • We can both contribute ideas and images to a folder on Pinterest.

4) I find your source imagery from online sources with a little bit of guidance from you.

  • This is an appropriate option if your painting will include concepts that are non specific, like trees, for example.  
  • I will find and collect the imagery primarily through Pinterest.

Ultimately, I will collect all imagery that I will be using for your commission in a private folder on Pinterest that will only be visible between the two of us.



Consultation fee: please add $100 to each base price for time spent in discussion and planning.

The prices below do not include shipping. The price range is based upon the number of portraits or specific imagery involved (ie. One face is likely to be at the low end of the range; a face plus an animal or two will be at the higher end of the range.)


Prices (on claybord panel)-


5” x 5” $100- $125
6” x 6” $150 – $175
6” x 6” x 1” $160 -$185
8” x 8” $225-$250
8” x 10” $275-$300
8” x 10” x 2” $300-$325
12” x 12” $450-$500
12” x 12” x 2” $475-$525
11” x 14” $475-$525
12” x 16” $600-$700
14” x 18” $800- $900
18” x 24” $900- $1,100
24” x 36” $2,200- $2,500           


Payment Timeline:

I require half before starting the commission and the other half + shipping upon completion, before shipping your work. I will not begin your commission until I have received half of the total. I will send the finished piece after I have received the full amount including shipping.

Payment Plans:

I also accept payment plans in any amount that you are comfortable with at any rate that you are able, to be agreed upon between us before I begin.



The cost to ship your painting includes packaging, labor, and insurance for the value of the piece.  I will not ship any uninsured artwork.

We are currently in the process of creating a system for streamlining shipments.  If you’d like a price quote before we get started on your commission, please let me know.  

Turnaround Time

I will do my absolute best to fulfill all commissions in a timely manner and by the date that we have agreed upon together.   However, I am currently living with a severe chronic illness that keeps me bedroom bound and that can limit my productivity. Because of this, I require *at least* one month from start to finish.  There is always a chance that I will get sicker and will not be able to finish your commission within a certain time period.

If I have started your painting, the down payment is non-refundable. If we have only been is discussion stages, I can refund your down payment, minus $100 (for time spent planning and discussing) as soon as I am able (this may require patience on your part because if I am too sick to paint, it is possible that I am too sick to go online to refund money).  The other option is to wait until I am able to paint again to finish your commission.

I am committed to fulfilling all agreements and will continue our project as soon as I am able.  So far, I have never missed a deadline. These explanations of my illness are simply to outline any extreme cases, due to my condition.

Hanging and Framing

Uncradled claybord panels can be placed upon a shelf or framed to be hung on a wall.  Cradled Clayboard panels can be hung on a wall without a frame and will require small eyehooks and hanging wire to do so.  

I particularly enjoy to look of floating frames, when the claybord panel is placed inside a deep box and the panel is made to look like it is floating inside of the box.  

floating frame


I am currently only accepting commissions where I am given full rights to use the final imagery wherever I see fit in my business, including, but not limited to: on my Facebook wall, on my website, in any and all promotional materials for my business and in any of my shops.  In exchange, I give you full rights to the use of the final image for personal use and for your personal business. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, neither of us are granted the right to use the final image for licensing outside of our personal business.


Payment Options

You can pay me via Paypal, by Check or via Bank Transfer.

Paypal: Please create a Paypal account if you don’t already have one.  Go to

Once you have an account, click on “send money” then fill out my email address:  Please choose “Sending Money to Family or Friends”. If you prefer to pay with a credit card, you will click on “Paying For Services”, and you will be required to pay the extra fee that Paypal takes.  

Check: I will send my address to you in personal message.

Bank Transfer: I am able to accept Zelle and Payment through Facebook messenger.


If you have further questions for me, please reach out!





In joyful creativity,

Elizabeth D’Angelo

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