Red Shoe Day

red shoes for theda

I have painted this painting in honor of a beautiful woman, Theda Myint, who lost her life to severe Lyme disease a year ago on July 25th, 2013. This date is now called “Red Shoe Day” in honor of Theda’s spirit, passion for dancing and joyful celebration and her love of red shoes.  Red Shoe Day is a memorial for Theda and all of those whose lives have been lost due to Lyme Disease and other “Invisible Illnesses”.

You can order prints, bags, pillows, shirts, cards, and duvet covers here:

All proceeds from the sale of this work will go towards the Theda Myint Fund, to bring much needed care and services to people suffering from invisible illnesses.

“Red Shoe Day, to be held on July 25th is to remember all those we have lost to invisible illness such as Lyme, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and the many more illnesses that are invisible. In the broad sense of the term, invisible illnesses are those that are generally “invisible”, not only from the outward appearance of the person, but also seemingly invisible to appropriate research, treatment and care of the thousands of people that are living with them. Many living with these illnesses are also “invisible” to society, as their health is such that they are confined to their houses, (and many to their beds) for months, even years.” —

“Theda was magical, she danced through our lives bringing so much kindness and joy. She was brave too, and indescribably beautiful. This painting was done by Elizabeth D’Angelo in her honour. I think Theda had the sort of spirit that transcended, and continues to transcend all that happened to her. The symbols in this painting: red shoes, dancing and Pegasus are all things that speak about her wonder. She is also our north star, and Pegasus is always watching over that north star, the way she watches over us.”
—-Sarah-Louise “Feather” Jordan.

Info and links for Theda and Red Shoe Day:

Help Theda:
To Join the Red Shoe Day Event:

It is my greatest honor to be a part of the memorial for Theda in this way. I wish you all blessings, healing, hope, love, peace and many returns to vibrant health! XOXOXOX, Elizabeth D’Angelo

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