Visible Heroes Award

Visible Heroes Award 2017

I have won an award! Weeeeee!!!!!!

The truth is that lately, I have felt like I’ve been trying to fit into my own shoes; like my feet grew tiny somehow and my shoes are that of Big Bird’s. I know that underneath the hours spent everyday just simply working to keep my head on- literally, that the larger-than-life-Beth is still there waiting patiently for time and energy to expand into herself- a brilliant beacon of the brightest light, billowing joyfully and freely with you in mind.

This honor today, made by the incomparable Franky Dolan on his birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRANKY- YOU AWESOME HUMAN-YOU!!!) is such a gift to me. To be seen and recognized as a Visible Hero among millions of sick people, means that somehow my voice that feels tiny today has reached your ears; that I have been able to make an impact on the lives of others in a substantial way, and in a way worthy of honor. This makes me happy! And I know from experience that my happy is your happy! HAPPY YAY HAPPYYYY!!!!!! Haha! Thank you for this joy today, Franky!

“Every chronic illness survivor is a hero. Each year, a few of those survivors reach their spirits so high that they touch the stars. They take their lives and push into their own destiny. Pressing the boundaries of what illness labels us as, these survivors help others to survive, and they are catapulted into a new stratosphere of human capabilities. They are the rare, the few, and the amazing. They become this world’s heroes.”

Here’s a link to the article in Huffington Post:


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  1. That’s awesome! Just discovered your art, and now your writing. Looking forward to seeing/reading more.
    Interestingly, I noticed this was posted on June 15th which was the due date of my first grandchild. My and my husband’s mold illnesses have kept us from traveling the long distance to meet him. I’m seeking to learn more and heel so that we can hold him in our arms.
    As an artist I really I’m looking forward particularly two viewing more of your work. Blessings

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