Love Tsunami

The Love Tsunami was a fundraiser that I plan to hold annually in November and December to help raise funds towards my healing.


What have you been up to Beth?

Oh, you know me… Just laying in bed being severely ill and staring at the ceiling… NOT.

I’VE BEEN PLANNING MY ESCAPE! It’s a party, a fundraiser and a Love Warrior uprising made from pure concentrated LOVE! I’m calling it a LOVE TSUNAMI.  <<<>>>

This is what my plan of attack for ensuring my freedom looks like:

LOVE (Love Tsunami and other future events) = MONEY = extraordinary holistic healthcare + patience + perseverance = HEALTH = FREEDOM!!! = MORE LOVE!!!!

Here is what I have been working on:

1. Love Warrior Uprising.

I have a vision that all of us Love Warriors will unite and rise up to share our hearts with each other.

I have created:
Love warrior facebook group.
Love warrior facebook page.
Love warrior website

This is to introduce the Love Warrior paradigm and our fundamental practice of TAOLKS (Targeted Acts of Loving Kindness).

2. Fundraiser:

This is where I need your help! We are raising money for my holistic healthcare through the sales on my online shop.  <<<>>>

The Love Tsunami starts with you. From Nov 12th to Dec 12th, we (the Love Warrior) will be sharing folders with my art and links to my shop on our facebook pages, changing our profile photo to one of my paintings (also with a link to my shop) and asking our friends to do the same.

Are you in?!

3. LOVE Party!

This is FREE!!!! Come here, on the event page to soak up the love, connect with strangers and post pictures of your mad Love Warrior skillzzzz! (WE WANT TO SEE YOU!)

And that is THE MASTER PLAN.
You want to play?!?!?!

With Love,

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  1. Absolutely❗❗👀Looking forward to sharing the love💖💕You are a shining star⭐💫in my life🙏💓😛

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