Revista Clubes Review

Revista Clubes Review

I have been extremely honored by this review written by my friend Paulina Teran in Revista Clubes. July issue. Number 105. Page 7. Ecuador

Paralyzing images

In a world in which the same art is at risk of trializing itself and where the ego rules a lot of aspects of the human condition, exist artists that can cripple us with their work, through the beauty of their work and the message behind it: hope, spiritual searching, and the growth of the self. Ironically, these images can sadly be also paralyzing for the artist behind them: Elizabeth D’Angelo, an American artist who is equally as famous for her talent as her condition, suffers from severe chronic fatigue syndrome which confines her to the four walls of her bedroom, So purchasing her art is a beautiful phenomenon of infinite meanings. To access her work or make donations for her healing you can go to these links:

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